Its Zack again in hell and here are the 3 victims I want to talk to you guys about in my 8 month touchier spree. The first guy was a man who raped and killed 15 girls. I had a brander with a bunch of hot coals and I first put the brand on his ass and he screamed the next spot for branding was his dick and I watched as the brand made a hole straight though his member and blood started gushing out when I took out the brand then I grabbed his tong pulled it out then cut it off and he closed his eyes to the sudden pain then I cut off his balls grabbed a cork screw then put the screw in his eyes and took out his eyes and replaced his balls then I grabbed a 9 inch hunting knife cut open his chest and ripped out his heart poured gas over it and burned it

 The next victim was Richard Kuklinksey aka the ice man and that got me thinking of what I should do with him and after thought I poured hot metal down his mouth and watched as the metal hardened inside the notorious killer and I know that kill wasn’t a long one but I know that it was painful

 The 3rd victim was a woman who killed herself along with a school full of children with 75 pounds of c4. I tried not to torcher her until I learned what she had done for the love of god they were just kids so I took a hack saw and started cutting off parts of her starting with her feet first then slowly worked my way up to her legs with her screaming all the while so I grabbed tape and put 7 layers of tape over her mouth cutting off her fingers one by one smiling all the while drawing out her death like it was good sex that I did not want to end cutting my was up her arms she was crying and when I was done I whispered in her ear you think you’re in pain now your hell has just began then I put 2 metal rods in her head being not to kill her then I hooked the rods to a car battery and let her shock for 25 minutes and she was shaking while she was being shocked and when I took the battery off the rods she was still shaking for another 10 minutes then I grabbed the saw and cut off her head and her decapitated head said you’re a monster and I replied I’m a monster no you’re the fucking monster before throwing her head in to lava AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT.

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