Did you know that there was a deleted scene in "World War Z" where one of Gerry's daughters is killed? It would be his oldest daughter, Rachel, being killed after she is bitten by a zombie, in front of her family. Here is the original script:


*Rachel is bitten by a zombie*.

Gerry: No!

Soldier: She's been bit! Kill her!

*Karin and Connie start crying*.

*Rachel starts to turn into a zombie*.

Gerry: Rachel No!

*Rachel then gets shot and killed by a soldier*.


And that's where the scene ends. It wasn't included on the DVD due to the fact that it was to graphic for viewers, and it was scrapped anyway. I found out about the scene at the set of the movie, as I overheard them talking about it.

Thank God they removed it.

(original source)

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