How about mine. . .

Once there was this beautiful flower lady who died of an illness at this very hospital. That night, a security guard was doing his rounding on the second level. . on a distant, he heard a faint sound. . .

psst. .

he could smell a faint aroma of the lavender. . he remembered about the flower lady who had died on this level. The ward was somewhere twards the end of the hall but he brush away the thought of ghost and such. .he continued walking. . 


the sound gotten stronger and the smell of the lavender grew heavier. .  feeling a bit scared, he decided to walk faster. .  psst!!!

this time the hissing get more louder and the aroma get even more heavier. The guard felt like he was getting near to something or even. . somebody. . .he look ahead. . then he realise he was getting near the ward where the flower lady died. . . he keep on walking


he sense something was wrong as he approached the ward. . he began praying as he walk trying to ignore the ghostly thought. .

and soon as he stand infront of the ward. . 


He heard that the sound was just above him and the smell was so strong. . 

he look up. . 

slowy. . .

slowy. . .

and. . .  (ready?)

scroll down. . .



damn it! stupid air refresherner!

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