I loved Viva Pinata games. It was something unique, there was not anything like it. I was at max level, and on my main garden I had Choclodocus, Dragonache, Chewnicorn , Fourheads and many others. But there was one Piñata I loved the most, and it was just a simple common Vulchurro. It was my first Vulchurro ever caught.

One time, when I was playing online in my garden, nobody joined it a very long time. I was about guitting, because I had all stuff and I just wanted someone to play with me. But then there appeared a text that does pop up when someone's joining the garden you are in. I was happy, and when they joined, I wanted to give them some money like I usually do, because I am that type of stupid good guy that gives people free stuff. I saw that theyr picture was blank, and there was no nickname showen. I thought it's weird, so I looked at their gamertag. They had no picture, and there was only only one information about them shown, and it was theyr name, but it was somewhat bugged and all I on it was black squares, that looked like they were pictures from the game I played and it was even moving. I got back to my garden, thinking that it's just a glitch. I gave him that middle permission thingy. after some time of playing they send me friend request. I accept all friend reguests, so why not? Then I gave them full permission, because I do that to people that send me friend reguest, or accept mine. After some time of playing, he send me a message. It was some long wall of text, and when I returned to my garden, everything was gone. I was very surprised. The only thing that was here was my beloved Vulchurro. even the trees, bushes , ponds , buildings and houses were gone. The terrain was all dirt. I was mad at him, because I thought he sold my stuff. It was something I gained years and months. I gave him the last permission ( it makes him that he can't do anything). I did not kick him from my garden though. Then I heard him some weird noises resembling growl, and I was sure it was him because it showed that he talked. Then I saw my Vulchurro had low candiosity level, which makes Pinatas cry, and when it drops the most, they leave your garden. I quickly headed to Castolot's store. The thing I noticed was that there was no sign of Castolot... except some red liquid that looked like blood, and it was just a recolor of the background. Instead of welcoming text, there was some cry sound. And because I couldn't do anything, only buy stuff, I bought the candy, not caring about the poor Castolot. And then, when I again returned, The background changed. It was something that looked like... hell... that drew a little kid. The soil still remained here. and when I placed that candy, I came to my Vulchurro, but something didn't seem right... It looked like a wild Pinata, white and black, but it still was like tamed. When I fed it the candy, it didn't stop crying, and to make it worse it was at the last level of happiness. But it did not leave, and when I moved the cursor it was following it, like it feared something. It was fault of the player, I thought. I tried kicking him from my garden, but everytime it sayd "Error 666". I was very angry at him, and I tryed to tell him to leave, but he was not in my friends list anymore, so I could not message him, and I am very shy and I did not want to talk. Well, and because I had no protection of Prof. Pester (Which is my favourite character from that game even when he's evil) and Ruffians, they quickly came... Which means that they wanted to kill my Vulchurro. I got my showel and whacked them with it, but then Prof. Pester came to my Vulchurro , killed it and ate the candy. But there was one unusual thing, the candies were cowered in blood aswell the ground and Prof. Pester. This was something very sad to me. I tryed leaving the game, or turning off the X-box, but it still remained, along with that stupid player, which followed my cursor, everytime I moved.

Then the game completely glitched out, and my TV and X-box broke, which made me scream. It was so loud and I hate lound sounds. I, in shock, watched that from my TV and X-box pured lots of blood. it was on the ground, it was everywhere.Then, from the blood covered ground came out hands, which looked like they were skinned. The hand's grabbed my legs and pushed me down. I tryed escaping and everything, but the hands were strong. When I got pushed down, it was like I was in a sea of blood. I tryed to swim up, but I drowned. The End. Wait, no, it continues! Then, I realised I was not dead. I could not open my eyes because I was cowered in blood and it would hurt my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was not a human anymore. Strange thing was, that there was a mirror in there, for completely no reason. I looked at it, and I saw that I got turned into a hamburger, with cow meat. And before I could tell what's going on, a hand grabbed me, and it led to a mouth. It was a fat, ugly man in Mc Donalds. His face was covered in warts, and he had three hairs on head. His nose was long and pointy, and from the nose hung up long strings of nose hair. Then an other hand hold me, so I could not escape, and the mouth opened, revealing a few of yellow teeth, and I was push down in it, slowly and painfully swallowen, and this was my death. The end.

Written by TheLaserVulture
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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