In the section below, leave a link to an "epic" trollpasta (this includes both well-written satire and "good" (i.e. funny) trollpastas) and if you want, write a brief blurb about why you think it deserves the prestigious honor of being "TROLLPASTA OF THE MONTH".

Nominations will be open until the 15th of the month. This gives everyone ample time to nominate pages and then about 15 days to vote.


  • No self-nominations.
  • The story you want to nominate has to be funny.
  • Don't nominate Lists.
  • Don't nominate really NSFW stories.
  • Don't nominate pages that are in the SUGGESTED READING category.
  • Don't nominate inside joke pastas.
  • Don't nominate past TPOTM winners.
  • Don't nominate collabs.


My First Boner - beautiful A Kirby Fanfic (HIGHLY NSFW)

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