Welcome to the main page for the Front Page's PASTA OF THE MONTH! There are two categories in which to vote:

  • FAIL OF THE MONTH: This category is for the absolute worst crappypastas salvaged from the Creepypasta Wiki Deletion Logs. Remember, these are for unintentionally awful creepypastas, not trollpastas.
  • TROLLPASTA OF THE MONTH: This category is for well-written satirical trollpastas (usually of the bait-and-switch variety) and trollpastas that are otherwise deemed "EPIC" (i.e. actually funny, not just shitty).

Oh, and remember: Do not remove nominations, fraudulently vote, tamper/edit the polls, or otherwise vandalize any pages below. Doing so will result in a ban of no less than one month.

Nominations will be open from the 15th of the previous month until the 14th of the next month each month, and then voting will be open until 11:59:59 PM CST on the last day of the month. Basically, this gives a month to nominate, and 15 days to vote.