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Specific Rules

  • Vidya games cannot be added together with Paukymaun, Mario, Minecrap, Sonic or Zel-DUUHHH.
    • Minecrap, File Extensions and COMPUTERS AND INTERWEBZ cannot be added together.
    • Benjamin and Zel-DUUHHH cannot be added together.
  • TELAVISHUN and Lost episudes cannot be added together.
  • Pages with grammar that doesn't suck, English Class Failure, and ENGLISH, MUDDAFUGGA! DO YOU SPEAK IT?! cannot be added together.
  • Im died, Sucide and Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies cannot be added together.
  • Cliche Madness cannot be added together with I WAS AN INTERN AT, Hyper-realistic, POINTLESS VIOLENCE TOTALLY MAKES IT SCARY U GUIZE and YOU'RE NEXT.
  • Loads of Characters cannot be added together with Jeffery, PROOF DAT SLENDURMAN EXUSTS, Benjamin, and EVIL PATRIXXX.
  • Only admins can add Unfunny to a pasta.
  • Ghetto Talk cannot be added with Blatant Ripoffs and Excessive Profanity.
  • Well, that was pointless. and Well, that was anticlimactic. cannot be added together.
  • MOTHER OF FUCK THIS PAGE IS LONG LIKE MY PAINIS can only be added to pastas that are around 20,000 bytes or more.
  • ALL CAPS and Random Capitalization cannot be added together.
  • Creepypasta Trying to Be Serious but Fails and Not Sure if Troll or Trying to Be Serious cannot be added together.
  • Memes cannot be added together with Shrek, And then a skeleton popped out, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and WHO WAS PHONE?
  • Ghastly Macaroni cannot be added together with ALL CAPS or SUGGESTED READING. (Though there are a few exceptions).
  • Please do not add PLZ DELETE THIS NOW KTHX (or the template {{D}}) to pastas already tagged with DO NOT DELETE or Dronik Pastas.


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