• So... It's been a while since I've done any serious work around here and I have obviously not been actively updating anything, major or minor. Since I have a bigger sysop crew than before, I'm hoping you guys can help me with some of these things.


    1. Get rid of the List. The AL didn't work on CPW and it's obviously not working here either. Proper categorization (see #2 below) is all that's necessary in organizing pages on this site.
      • Update and remove references to the List on rules pages, templates, system messages (pages in the MediaWiki namespace) and anything else in accordance with this change.
      • Just to make it clear: I'm not going to delete the List or any of its subpages. Here's what I WILL do:
        1. Move the List along with its subpages to the project namespace (see #4). So List will become Trollpasta Wiki:List.
        2. Blank all the List subpages and replace them with {{historical}}. Do the same with the main one, except with the following added to the bottom:
          <div style="display:none;">
          {{Project:List/General Guidelines}}
        3. Finally, protect the main List page with the "cascade" option turned on, which will also protect all the subpages, making it impossible for anyone but sysops to update the List.
    2. Mass remove unneeded categories. That means ANY category not on the Category List (which I recently reorganized and stripped of many unneeded categories).
      • Admins and users alike are encouraged to use the {{CATNO}} template to tag any categories that aren't on the list.
      • Remove {{CATNO}} from any category that may have been unneeded once, but has since been re-listed.
    3. Update and/or completely rewrite the rules. Perhaps establish some Trollpasta equivalent to CPW's quality standards. The gist of it would basically be "if you're going to post shit, at least make it funny".
      Oh, and I don't know if you noticed from my mass-deletion of drama-related pages and categories, but I will not tolerate any more articles about CPW-related drama, trolling, or "butthurt users". This will become an official rule.
      • Get rid of all the site rules blog posts (which I regrettably wrote the majority of). Blogs just aren't meant to be rules-hosting pages.
      • It would probably be a good idea to add something about attributing works and other issues related to copyright. (After all, all content on this wiki and every other Wikia wiki is licensed under CC-BY-SA. That's not just something we can ignore.)
    4. Move all rules pages as well as pages dealing with site maintenance, site administration, or any other kind of meta topic to the project namespace. There are several practical and organizational reasons for this; all you need to know, though, is that division of content by namespace makes organization easier. Examples of pages that should be in the project namespace include, but are not limited to:
    5. Review admin applications because this site needs all the help it can get.
    6. Other:
      • Update and revamp the main page and its associated templates.
      • Update out-of-date templates and delete obsolete ones.
      • Organize and update the system messages.
      • Perhaps do something about the theme. I'm not suggesting we get rid of EVIL PATRIXXX... though it would be nice to try out something different for a change. I'm frankly a bit tired of seeing the PATRIXXX background every time I come on here.
        Alright, so maybe I am suggesting it a little. Call me a killjoy, bufrhthgktejb4y;yk6jh5[/i
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