Epic Doge

I was 10 years old, the things I like back then was, Legos and of course Minecraft. So when I first discovered wiiviewr, SomeOrdinaryGamers, PewDiePie, Pksparkxx Dathottness, PewDiePie, Mastermax888, Jontron, and all the LJN. commercials, it was like a dream come true! My parents try not to let me use the computer a lot, but I still got to watch those videos on my phone! Until one day this past winter, I was watching a couple Jontron videos when I saw Sonic.exe in the window! He smashed his head in and killed my father!

I peeked in the window. I saw Sonic.exe talking to Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Happy Appy, Demon R.J., BRVR, Roxy, Red, The Blood Whistle, Ihsoy (which is Yoshi backwards) and Doge. Ishoy asked them "Should we kill this idiot?". "No!" Said Red, "Your too stupid to kill this guy yet!". "We Should see what we have to with you later" Said Sonic.exe. They all teleported away. Ishoy decided to leave them and try to kill me! My Mom say him and got a gun from her great great great great great great great Grandfather. Ihsoy was eat Mom instead and left. I was scared now! How am I going to survive without parents. I called Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be my babysitter. I was still sad though.

But all that changed on 20 years later 2023. Mutahar was my girlfriend, EVIL PATRIXXX died, but I was too swaggy to care. This was the time the copyright war was about to come. Nobody saw it coming.

Meanwhile at the creepypasta convention, Sonic.exe and all the other creepypasta characters were chatting about me. How did I know this? DiCaprio's second banana Nicolas Cage had spied on them. This is a copypasta of the things they said

Sonic.exe: Well. we most track down this guy!

Doge: Butt w0t if he is very dangerous and might have rabiz. Sonic.exe: don't worry, we can mountain dew 2 be invincible. the potion effect gives us: fire power, water power, strength, and speed for about 666 minutes. Jeff the Killer: Be very useful, i can kill people faster.

Happy Appy: More children to-

Cage accidently fell on the ground. Sonic.exe looked behind him and saw it was just Tails.exe. "At first I thought it was Snoop Dog!" Sonic.exe thought. It was really Nicolas Cage in disguise. He ran back home to tell us. The only solution is to destroy Mickey Mouse, the cause of this creepypasta creation. He has been Sonic.exe's second banana, the sidekick! The one who helps the hero save/destroy the world. At this time there was a game called "Kingdom Hearts 666: Sonic.exe Edition". Anyway, we used the time machine to warp to the 80s!


Great mighty poo

We landed in the place to be my home, but it was really cave where the Giant Toilet lived. The Giant Toilet is the home of the Great Mighty Poo! We was trapped inside the toilet as poo was on the ground. "Feed Me Sweet Corn!" he said, as some food was in the crap. We feed him over 9000 corn and that means a decade has passed. it was now 2002, the time Microsoft bought Rare out from Nintendo. The Great Mighty Poo was coming out of the poop and started to sing his song:

"I AM.... THE GREAT MIGHTY POO.. AND I'M GOING TO THROW MY-WAIT WHAT? I saw a anus coming out of the poop. The butt sucked the crappy monster inside and left. "Well Great, what can we do now?" Said Cage. As soon that happened I was in my home. I then saw myself. That version no longer exists. I was sucked into the old version. Then Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas disappeared. I had to go through this! After some years later I knew what was going to happen. I got a baseball bat from my room and smashed Sonic.exe in the skull! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!!!!!! Sonic.exe had hyper-realistic blood coming out of his head and died. This means one thing... All the creepypasta characters will die in seconds. They exploded and tiny blood covered the window. My parents walked in and saw this. I was sent to therapy, I was asked personal questions like "What color is your underwear" or "How is you s&x life". They then picked me the newest baby sitter: Tommy Wiseau.

April 1st:2029

I went to the MY5TCrimson profile just to see how worse Sonic.exe has become. It Version 98. This version only works on Windows XP and has added more blood and easter eggs. I was very excited! I got virtual box, created a Windows XP ISO, was about to play the new Sonic.exe! The game was loading for 3.666 hours, 70.531 minutes, and 6.9119 seconds. This took 3 years. I had my computer on and played other games and watched videos until the load was done. When the game finally loaded I selected the Tails profile and the Kefka Laugh played. Well... The laugh was realistic this time. And the level title this time was.

Your Dead Zone Act 999999999

The graphics was much more realistic, almost hyper-realistic. I ran to the back to see a easter egg. There was red static for about 80.90 seconds. The game cut to a room where the only people where Tommy Wiseau and oh my god! Bill Cosby! OHHH MY GOOOOOOD! Then a figure started to form next to them. Reggie Fils-Aime! "Hey Reggie!" I said. "When are you going to release Mother-". Reggie got a fire flower and kill Cosby and Wiseau. I made Tails run away from him. I ran for so long that the right key broke. I used the onscreen keyboard to do this instead. This means that I have to go for 2 years in this stage. Luckily I drank Mountain Dew and ate fast food to survive. One day on Friday the 5th, my room turned to black. The world was covered in static except for my house.

I saw Bill Cipher in the room alongside with his girlfriend "Sailor Moon". Cipher said "You must save the creepypasta community, you must kill Reggie!".

I was then teleported to Germany where I looked and saw the Angry German Kid or AGK for short. "Dude, brauchen wir Ihre Hilfe!". I didn't know what that meant. I didn't speak German. I saw a place nearby. It was Microsoft headquarters! I walked inside! I saw Microsoft Sam. He trapped Banjo, Kazooie, Conker, and all other RareWare characters. I walked into him. Flashy colors appeared on the TV screen... I mean the entire world. I then saw some people. I recognize them as the wiiviewr, Mutahar, PewDiePie, Pksparkxx, Mastermax888, Jontron, and Mr. Clean.

The YouVengers

I got the moves like Jagger!

I now had an entire team! Jontron used his parrot Jacques to use his laser eyes to destroy Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary. Hyper-realistic blood came out of the computers. Then TheMysteriousMrEnter uploaded a new video. The US exploded killing everybody! Mr. Enter survived though. I then woke up. I first I thought it was a dream. Then I saw a bunch of copyright police here. I had a trick up my sleeve. I said the magic word "↑↑↓↓←→←→BA". It turned into the most generic looking robot. wiiviewr was control of the head, Mutahar in the body, PewDiePie in the back. (there are no arms on the bot). PK in the left leg. Mastermax888 in the right leg. Jontron in the eyes. And Mr. Clean in the butt that makes messes. The robot walked up and took a huge dump on the ground. Hyper-realistic feces was on the globe. Then the creepypasta characters (who were ghosts) eat the poop. It was favorite food. They all turned back to normal. Sonic.exe said that they can have wishes. wiiviewr wished for a new Wii U game, Mutahar wished for a good trollpasta like this one, PewDiePie wishes for his fans to be nice and not leave spam, PK wished for Newer Super Mario Bros. DS, Mastermax888 wished for Sonic.exe (the genie who was giving them wishes, if you forgot that scene), not to kill him, JonTron wished that he was married to PBG, and Mr. Clean wishes he was never in the movie Food-Fight.

My own wish was to be teleported back to where this all started so this terrible mess would never happen again. Sonic.exe granted all their wishes, and everything was back to normal. My parents were still alive, and all creepypasta characters are alive now! Then I saw Sonic.exe in the window.

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