The Early Years

William Johnson Trilby was born on October 17th, 1958, in Charleston, West Virginia. His dad, sadly lost his wife in 1960. Will was only 3 at the time, and did not understand why his dad was so sad all the time. In 1964, Will's father was drafted into the army to fight in the Vietnam War. This made Will very sad, and it was very hard for him. Will's father, Claude, did not come back, and this left Will devastated.

A Growing Hatred

When William graduated collage, he decided to pursue his dream job of being a journalist. His first article was about his (at the time small) frustration with the government. But, his article was deemed too touchy. William broke into a great depression, and, upon stumbling into a small tavern in the deep Chicago ghetto, he started to make a living upon rambling about his great hatred for the government.

More Recent Times

Nowadays, William, (known to his internet fans as "truthhunter1337") has made a website dedicated to spewing bull-shit theories about the government being evil because the have an all-seeing eye on the dollar bill. In addition, he also host monthly shows in taverns across the country. Unfortunately, William has been diagnosed with asperger's syndrome. But, he keeps going on with his life. He also is very happy to announce his new book, "Coming Out of My Brain-Washed Shell."! $11.99!

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