June 8th, 2012

Dear Diary, I can't keep this to myself anymore. I can't get the DAMN SONG OUT OF MY HEAD! So, here goes. Back when I was younger, when my brother was still alive, I lived on Hudson St. in Conneticut. I was a normal child, large friend pool, 6th grade, the rest of my life ahead of me. But then, my life changed. We had a neighbor named Mrs. Jones. She was your typical old lady, keeping baseballs that fell in her lawn, yell ing at kids, but noone ever suspected what she did to my brother. One day not unlike any other, I was walking home from school with my brother James. We saw Mrs. Jones and said hello like any other kid would, but then, she sent out a pitbull, a vicious, bloodthirsty pitbull straight at us. It went right at my brother, gnawing at his leg, ripping the flesh and hair off. We were both screaming and crying. He kept screaming out "it hurts!" "it hurts!" Mrs. Jones was just laughing like there was no tomorrow while my brother and I just kept crying. A minute of that later, I gethered up all my strength and took out my brother's femur and hit the dog head on. To my surprise, it bit the bone and went straight at Mrs. Jones. She went out crying and screaming not unlike my brother's and climbed up a telephone pole. Then, the dog knocked it over, went over, and started knawing on Mrs. Jones' bones, leaving me alone. But what I will always remember is a noun is any person you can know, and anything that you can show and anywhere that you can go, you know they're nouns, a nouns a special kind of word. I find it quite interesting, a nouns a person, place or thing.

Schoolhouse Rock Nouns03:02

Schoolhouse Rock Nouns

The song

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