Why i love britains socialized healthcare system

Your favorite show most likely is from Britain. They are the best makers of action, scifi, children shows. they made anything you can think of. but i have a story to tell you.

Chapter One

I got a email sent by a British Celebrity about the origins of one of britain's most popular shows ever. I am so shocked at this origin that i have to share this origin with the world that i know here and now.

Chapter Two

The email said: "A kid was dying from loss of air in a locked police box in 1961. A man saw the kid and asked him what his dreams were. He said "I wish i was a time traveler and i could cheat death." Those were the little boys last words. The man had worked for a british television company and gave the idea of a time traveler who could cheat death in many ways. His show was approved and premiered late 1963. Its name is Doctor Who." I just threw up.

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