Today I was browsing the Internet looking for rare Pepes to add to my rare Pepe folder, I found a Pepe that I never had seen before but was unsure of so I looked it up on a forum. What I found is that it's a controversial Pepe. But obviously it couldn't be a rare Pepe because so many people know of it I posted in all caps on the forum, "THIS PEPE ISN'T RARE!!!" I was greeted by this reply from all the users on the forum. "Goodbye you un-dank memer," I got this from fifty users.

I then heard the ground rumbling behind me, I knew not to look. "That Pepe isn't rare you say, ONE OF MY PEPES ISN'T RARE?!" it screamed in its raspy voice.

I felt horrified, I turned around to see my guest. It was Pepe. I knew instantly that I had sinned against our true lord. I plead for forgiveness, I got none. Pepe picked me up with his huge hands and bring me down the hole in my floor he came out of. As we fell I felt so many feels. He told me of the history of Pepe, of how he has been here since the beginning. Guiding us, controlling us. As of recently he has been placing rare Pepe's on the Internet to let us know of the true lord. BOOM! We hit the floor, the core of the Earth he explains. I look around and see the rarest Pepes I have ever seen before. He twists my neck towards him and shouts, "THESE PEPES AREN'T FOR YOUR EYES MORTAL!" He takes one of his monstrousness claws and touches out my eyes, then pushes in. All is black now. The last thing I ever saw is a Pepe all black with big lips, it was smirking. Pepe then tells me I can be forgiven in only one way. I must travel the world seeking out un-dank memers and killing them. Killing anyone who dare say that Pepe's Pepes aren't rare.

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