A man named Steve Johnson Steve is The Main Characther Of MINECRAFT the game. The game was first made and he made a skin Name 'Steve' and he played minecraft A man Showed up In his House It Was HEROBRINE Notchs DEAD BrotherHe Said:YOU WILL DIE:In a loud Sound That Made Steve Out Cold When He Woke up he was in The game and herobrine was there and he had a Diamond Sword and when he said this:YOU WILL DIE TODAY NOW.he got a Sword and when he hit him he said:WHY?????????????STEVE!?!?!?!?!?.Then he woke up and there was a dead body next to him he had No eyes just Black deep eyes He called 911 and while he was calling there was no answer and the phone had a voice in the back saying:DIE STEVE DIE.Over and Over then he hung up then when he looked back HEROBRINE was standing up and he had The SAME DIAMOND SWORD And He screamed so loud his neighbor Rushed in the house and He was in his Chair with a sword in his chest then the neighbor called 911 then they anwsered then they came Steve was dead and found Herobrine and killled him.THE END OR NOT??...

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