This was a recent submission to Creepypasta Wiki. And they wonder why we have strict rules for posting pastas. Pastas as horrible as this are the reason I have nightmares, imagine the wiki filled with "stories" like this.

The Last Text

Hello, my name is jack, I have a friend named Al........

well.... used to have a friend Al.

One day, Al said to me on steam "brb"

3 hours later, never came back.

ay i called 911, none of them belived exept for one, He was a paranormal expert. i told him the story, he said one thing "trash the laptop, NOW!" when i got home i trashed my laptop. The next day, the FBI handed me a photo of a shadow walking around in the fog. "Al???" i said.


Now everywere i go i see that damn shadow! oh god, I SEE IT!! HELP!!! HELP!!!! ITS COMMING TOWARDS ME!!!!!!!!!

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