Freddy freaker00:32

Freddy freaker

Chapter 1

I am known as a man of popularity. I have created the 3rd most saw PATRIXXPASRA and the 2nd most saw on Spongebob. I am known on this wiki and somebody had sent me a tape. Poop fuck.

Chapter 2

The tape was called ITS A ME, MARIO and so i had watched it as soon as i got it. but it was not like anything i had ever seen, it was not some guy playing Mario, not a man's recording of the Mario Super Show, But what i had saw is probably worse than anything i could have even posted onto this wiki.

Chapter 3

It was a copy of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. I am not sure what language it was, But it sounded like complete gibberish. The movie was fine until one man said "Monkey" and a Monkey broke from the Zoo and killed Mario and Luigi. It then showed a picture of the monkey, With blood all over him. wearing Mario's hat, All ripped up.
Monkey mario


It was a horror and I did not want to see anymore, but i had to because of my horrible curiosity in my goddamn life.
Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Country Returns

This is the uncensored version, but I censored it because i thought it was scary

Chapter 4

It had shown a commercial of a hotline that was in the 80s It was the Freddie Freaker one always on MTV. But it was backwards and inverted. It had words like "Die" and "Two dollars a visit in hell". Freddie then came out of the screen and killed me very horribly. Call his number, I fucking dare you.

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