Once there was a fat man. As implied by his description, he was very fat. Like all fat people he was always happy and jolly. However, this fat man was about to have his big fat world turned around...

This fat man's name was Faht Mahne. He loved his life. From his fat mom to his fat dad to his fat wife and his fat kids, he was a successful, heavy-set man. He had a fat house with a lot of space to sleep for both skinny and fat. Ever since he acquired McDonald's, he's been living life in the fat lane.

"Hello, world!" Faht exclaimed whilst waking up. "Dammit, Faht, why would you wake me up like that?" Replied his wife, Heftifa. "Oh, sorry Heftifa. I'm just ready for today! Aren't you?" "Perhaps," answered Heftifa. She continued, "I'm so glad the Mahne family owns McDonald's now. Ever since we've acquired it our profits are out of proportion... just like us!"

After getting their daily routine out of the way, the couple went down to McDonald's. Suddenly, a SKELETON POPPED OUT! "Boo!" cried the skeleton. Both Faht and Heftifa became skinny. "N-no, this can't be..." Faht took a look at himself... "Faht, what are we going to do? We have to find out who did this!" Declared Heftifa. "We will," responded Faht. Nearby, a monotonous voice shouted, "You'll never catch me alive, suckers!" That person with the monotonous voice fell into a hole and got trapped. "And we'll be getting the cops here shortly," said Heftifa. "You'll never catch me alive suckers!" He reiterated.

When police came to arrest the man, the Mahnes were relieved. "We did it!" "But...we're sitll skinny..."

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