After defeating Roy Brown,the religion of Cockblockula has fallen.This has affected Ms.Frizzle strongly but she still has Ross kidnapped,but I don't care because I only want to kill her,the magic school bus,and her students.I'm secretly a member of the Al Qaeda. I read on the news that ms.frizzle is a teacher at Afghanistan. Time to Jihad people.I take a plane to urghurnisturn and the planes was pimpin' it,Snoop lion and Kanye west were pimpin dat plane,the wheels had golden spinner rims,diamond encrusted seats,da life for a pimpin ni#$a like me.When I arrive a the school Frizzle is teaching ,Before I enter the school I have to put on my terrorist outfit a turban. I jump through the window into Ms.Frizzle's class.

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