Kevin sat alone in the study of the old, dark mansion his parents had left him in their will, mindful of every creak, bump, and scratch coming from the locked room upstairs. His parents had told him that the place was his but that it was haunted by someone who had died there many years earlier. Then one day he got so sick of it he went upstairs. Busted down the door and found a man lieing in the bed when he apporched it it looked at him he screamed pooed himself then ran out of the house and said "F**k THIS IM OUT" then he woke up wih the noise upstirs it was alll a dream then he went upstirs and almost opned he door when he rembered the dream then he woke up with the noise and then saw the movie "inception" and said "holy s**t thats what happen to me" then..................

Suddenly he moved to Chicago. The end.
This is the house

dis was deh howse

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