Silent onlookers by dogmansp-d5ck64h
So, there was this guy, right? And he was all, like relly evil, because he was crazy. So he teamed up wit Mario to kill all of da peoples, but soon everyone was in space. Know one knew why, and the BEN can out and ate dem. But THEN super-realistic blood startes coming out of the crazy guy, Mario and BEN's eyes. THEN the devil came out and was all like "I eat your souls, idiots" and he sucked out there souls. The next day every one woke up but din't remember and ting. But THEN....

Slenderman came in and ate there brains, and put dem in his shed. He was all like "LOL, I ate yo brains fools". But THEN Derpy riped out all his guts and ated them. But he din't know was that BEN had cursed slendy's guts, BEN exploded out of Derpy's chest and ate teh whole planet Earth. You may not belive this, but this was taken out of a journal of a guy who was nuked to death. I used to be skeptical to.


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