A cropped screenshot.

I had a long day at school, and I was dying to play a game I loved called Team Fortress 2. When I got back home, I would play TF2 and go to a server named "Skial". Everything was fine until one day, hl2.exe crashed and couldn't work again (I solved the problem to this day, but back then, it stopped working)

I was startled by what happened, due to knowing that nothing was wrong with TF2 when I played it. I took a long sigh, and went on doing my other 'daily duties'

I started wishing I could play Team Fortress 2 again. Finally, I yearned to play it, so I searched TF2 cracked so I could play it until I get hl2.exe to start working. I found a link leading to I clicked it, and it redirected me to a download page showing the download link and the name of it, I clicked the download link, and it took about 50–60 seconds or so to download.

I opened the .zip and the contents were (In order):

tf (folder)

hl2 (folder)

Team Fortress 2 (Executable)

Debug (Text File)

_save410448733 (a SAV file)

I thought to my self if it was cracked, why are there only a few folders? I extracted them to a folder and double-clicked 'Team Fortress 2.exe' and it said in a start up box "Preparing to launch Team Fortress 2..." like it would usually say when you launch something steam-wise. I was met with the valve intro. It was normal until the valve guy started to turn his head. Suddenly, it went back to normal. I was oddly startled by this.

Anyways, when it took a few minutes to loa]]d, (Although it only showed a black screen, not the usual TF2 loading screen) it went to the menu of the game. It only had shown 2 options, since the others were gone:

'Start Playing Now!' and 'Quit'

I sighed and went to click 'Quit', knowing this was some sort of trick. When I clicked 'Quit', nothing happened. I tried MANY times and it still wouldn't budge. I decided I should just click 'Start Playing Now!' so I clicked it and it showed a usual 'Connecting to server.." screen. I was confused, since I didn't click any gameplay mode. After it was loaded, it displayed something I could never get out of my head:

A freaking suicidal mouse on a freaking road walking while some freaking strange music plays freakingly distorted.

The Download Link

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