Scout's face!

I bought The Orange Box for my XBOX 360, the disk contains Half-Life 2, Portal and TF2 (Of Course), but my favorite game on the disk was TF2, so i popped the disk on my XBOX and started playing TF2, i joined the RED team and i began playing as Demoman, but Demoman always says SEE? when i kill someone (i found it very strange), after being killed, i selected Scout and started to kill many noobs with my Scattergun but everytime i do taunt, scout makes a very weird Face and it scared me the hell out, after that, i heard Kefka's laugh (That Psycho from Final Fantasy), and suddenly many Players was disconnected and i was Left alone in the server and Painis Cupcake popped out from nowhere and Ate Scout's Legs! and hyper-realistic blood came from the screen! then i destoyed my XBOX, burned my Disk and Killed myself! then a Skeleton Popped up!

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