So do any of you remember the Spongebob SquarePants silent episode? The one that was about a leaf blower? Well, I hear that it was made last minute because another lost episode was originally in its place.

According to sources, it's nothing special. It's just a continuous loop (like Flintstones) of SpongeBob walking past Patrick's, SpongeBob's and Squidward's houses that goes on for 5 minutes before fading out. Unlike the ukulele music put in though, the song on this cartoon was not a song at all, just a constant banging on a piano for a minute and a half before going to white noise for the remainder of the film.

It wasn't the jolly old SpongeBob we've come to love either, he wasn't dancing, not even smiling, just kind of walking as if you or I were walking, with a normal facial expression, but for some reason his head tilted side to side as he kept this dismal look.

Up until a year or two ago, everyone believed that it was scrapped after SpongeBob got his more lively personality. When Stephen Hillenburg was scrapping it, he decided that he wanted to have a digital copy. When he had a digitized version up on his computer to look at the file, he noticed something.

The cartoon was actually longer than originally thought. This is what my source emailed to me, in full (he is a personal assistant of one of the higher executives at Nickelodeon, and acquaintance of Mr. Hillenburg himself):

"After it cut to black, it stayed like that until the 6th minute, before going back into SpongeBob walking. The sound was different this time. It was a murmur. It wasn't a language, but more like a gurgled cry. As the noise got more indistinguishable and loud over the next minute, the picture began to get weird. The sidewalk started to go in directions that seemed impossible based on the physics of SpongeBob's walking. And the dismal face of the sponge was slowly curling into a smirk.

On the 7th minute, the murmur turned into a bloodcurdling scream (the kind of scream painful to hear) and the picture was getting more obscure. 3D Effects were happening that shouldn't have been possible with the budget at that time. SpongeBob's face began to fall apart. his eyes rolled on the bottom of his chin like two marbles in a fishbowl, and his curled smile was pointing upward on the left side of his face.

The buildings became rubble floating in midair and the sidewalk was still impossibly navigating in warped directions, a few seeming inconceivable with what we, as humans, know about direction. Stephen Hillenburg got disturbed and left the room, sending an employee to finish the video and take notes of everything happening up until the last second, and afterward immediately store the disc of the cartoon into the vault. This distorted screaming lasted until 8 minutes and a few seconds in, and then it abruptly cuts to the SpongeBob SquarePants face at the credits of the end of every video with what sounded like a broken ukulele playing in the background.

This happened for about 30 seconds, and whatever was in that remaining 30 seconds I haven't been able to get a sliver of information about. From a security guard working under me who was making rounds outside of that room, I was told that after the last frame, the employee stumbled out of the room with pale skin saying "Help me." sixty-nine times before speedily taking the guard's pistol and offing himself on the spot.

The thing I could get out of Stephen Hillenburg was that the last frame was a piece of Latin text that roughly said "The Devil lurks in our favourite shows". As far as I know, no one else has seen it, but there have been dozens of attempts at getting the file on mediafile by employees inside the studios, all of whom have been promptly terminated of their jobs.

Whether it got online or not is up for debate, but if rumors serve me right, it's online somewhere under "SuicideSpongebob.avi". If you ever find a copy of the episode, I want you to never view it, and to contact me by phone immediately, regardless of the time. When a death is covered up as well as this, it means this has to be something huge.

Get back at me,


I've yet to find a copy of this, but it is out there. I know it.

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