last yar i was on when i saw a game called squidwards coming for you but it was a download but my curiosity ruled me over i downloaded it and a creepy squidward image popped up and screeched. minutes after i got off the computer but then my heart was pumping but then i thought to myself and said what the F*** just happened i was very terrafied but my computer flashed and a image of squidwards suicide poopped up and said  (I WILL KILL YOU, YOU PATHETIC WORM,PLAY OR YOUR HEAD HANG ON MY WALL) so i played and i was playing as squidward crying in a graveyard with tombstones that were marked spongebob,sandy,patrick,mr krabs and plankton squidward was crying hyper realisticly and the level started and the level was titeld as RUN! i started to run but then the other squidward was chasing me at 35 mph and finally catched up with my player and a cracked apeared in the gruond with demons pulling in the ground and the game froze with squidwards creepy face popped up and it crashed i passed out from horror for about an hour but then i went to go on the computer again i went on my download folder i did'nt see any download files so i searched but the game had gone i went to search my folder one more time and saw a squidward image with blood  smeared on him and he had razor sharp teeth and this is what it said in the text (noos uoy ees lliw i) it took me a minute to spell out what it said but this is my final message i fear for my life.

Uploaded by I, Da Cashman. Author unknown. Seriously. Who the Hell is this? If any of you find out who this fucker is you are like the bastard child of Morgan Freeman and Moses.

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