Real fotaj

Ur gun die

how it looked

 spooky pong

this really happend

my name is tom and iwent on the toilet to feel nostalgic abouta game in the 90's on the xbox one called pong when suddenly the mailman came over and put a red package (red like bloooooooooood) i went over and looked at the mailbox and i pu it in my computer and then it startedleaking  hyperrealistic blood and i started the game (it mustve been a glitch) wen it started it said pong.exe and it said nitendo 666 #spooky, i start playing and then it said "u wil diy" and then the computer spit hyper realistic blod and aand the game had a loudstatic noise. once again i said "it mst be a glitch" so the i presid srat and i saw the ball on pong it looked at me with a blank expression and a 666 over is head and it said  and then it said "turn bakc" and the two lines were ded and very bloody and they the gigyas music was playing so then a spokykeleton jumped out and killed me and now m  spooky ghost vee

this is the title screen!!

ri scary