It was 2004, and the Spider-Man™ 2™ game for the GameCube, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, N-Gage, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable has came out. I wanted it so much for the Xbox because I had and Xbox and not any other the other consoles, except the DS but it's trash XD. I got it for my birthday, I turned 10, and played it all the times.

14 years later, I look at the game that has shown it's self in my attic in my house. The game, however, looked off. Spider-Man has his eyes ripped off of the paper cover inside the case and he looked a bit like jesus. I brushed it off, thinking that it just did that overtime of being badly kept in attic. I put the game in my original Xbox, and it didn't work. I took it out and rubbed Colgate on it. It sounded like it screamed but maybe it didn't, I don't know. I put it back in, with the Colgate washed off, and it workeded! I was happy :D.

The game started up normal, except for the hyper realistic blood on the bottom left corner of my tv. I got kinda spooked but I thought it was an easter egg. I started the game in on the last level of the first game, even though I hit new game and it was the second game. It was odd though. Spider-Man had ripped out eyes that were bleeding blood and he was crying blood also too. Then, every single boss in the game all came over to on spider-man and he was torn up. He got him's arms and legs ripped off and he was sad. Then, I had control of him, but I could only wobble wobble. But, in the sky, something was heading close.

It was the Boeing 767-223ER, the plane that crashed into the 9/11 towers. It was heading right toward spider-man, and I couldn't do anything. Then, spider-man turned to the camera and said, “It's your fault, Jake.”. How did spider-man know my name? Huh? The pizza theme was playing, but it was backwards and a bit louder. It also sounded like it was blood. The bosses put spider-man on a cross and then teleported into muck and left. Then, the plane crashed into the towers and killed spider-man, and most likely everyone else that were in the buildings.

I opened my xbox and broke the game after that. Then, I broke my xbox. I can never look at spider-man and 9/11 in the same way after that. Never play unknown save files.