WARNING: I did a few minor changes from the video so don’t get too angry. Also, this is in Frankie’s point of view. Also also, don’t rant on this creepypasta. I made it bad on purpose. One last thing: I wrote most of this at my school so I couldn’t use words like killer or anything. Anyway, here is the trollpasta:

November 1, 2016

I was in Peach’s Castle walking around. I was really bored. So I was going to play on Mario’s Nintendo 64. I went into the room that it was in and I found a cartridge labeled ‘Spaghetti’ in black Sharpie. I was curious, so I put it in the cartridge slot and turned the N64 on (by now you should be able to tell what is going on). It had a weird menu screen. It said ‘Spaghetti.exe’ in white with an orange outline. There was a guy with a pumpkin head dancing in a graveyard to Spooky Scary Skeletons, Mario with a weird bootleg mask. And ME as a ghost. I didn’t want to start, but out of curiosity, I pressed start. It ran like Super Mario 64, but there was a guy near Peach’s Castle selling things. So I went over, the thing that caught my eye first was Spooky Spaghetti, but I took a pass on it. But when I tried to buy something else, it wouldn’t let me. So I went to the Spooky Spaghetti and pressed the Buy button…

I took it into Peach´s Castle and ate it. The game then looked like it was glitching with assets being swapped out and stuff like that. I soon saw Toad in a corner, hiding his face. I went up closer and a while after that he turned around with a weird, unexplainable face. I was scared so I tried running but nothing would work. Soon it got hit by some shadow. It soon revealed itself as some weird statue with a funny Mario face. I liked it but I still didn’t want it in my game so I walked away. But when I was in the next room he teleported to the room I was in! By this point I was so scared and weirded out but this time it was not curiosity that wanted me to keep playing but just for this game to show why these weird events keep happening. Soon for some funny reason Sonic.exe just busted out of a nearby wall and sang that stupid ‘I’m Blue if I was Green I would Die’ song. Soon after he lagged and soon it had the also stupid ´(enter something here).exe has stopped responding´ Window from Windows XP. The statue stood still so I tiptoed away.

I started doing random things but the statue kept stalking me. Soon I’ve had enough so I wanted to escape the castle. I used tricks to get out of the castle and when I did I surprisingly didn’t take fall damage. I saw Slender Man roasting marshmallows for some reason. Slender Man was the only creepypasta I wasn’t scared of. Soon the statue appeared again and summoned more creepypastas. I was scared to death but Slender man got up and started attacking the creepypastas! There were alot of creepypastas but horror movie characters were there as well like Jigsaw (or John Cramer, whatever you like to say), Freddy Krueger, Jason (out of my memory), and more. Soon everybody was K.Oed (I’m writing this at school so I won’t say what they REALLY were) but he was knocked out by somebody he forgot to K.O. It was Jeff the (Did you expect me to say what I would NORMALLY at school?(if you know what I mean)). He made me “Go to sleep…” and I woke up at Mario’s House. Luigi was there as well. “Are you awake?” he said with a speech bubble. “By the way, your cousin came.” It was the statue. I shot it but Luigi said “Remember our rules!?! Don’t be rude to our guests!” “But that thing summoned creepypastas!” I said.

I took him and went outside. I found a place called ‘Exorcists R Us’. I assumed that the statue was possessed so I took it into the building. There was an old lady there. I showed the statue to the lady. “This statue keeps stalking me!” I said. She then said “I will now do the secret spell.” She then did some insane gibberish and used the spell on the statue. Then a soul came out. The soul said “You ate my spaghetti…” “So what!?!” I said. “It’s my favorite food!” Creepily enough, the soul POSSESSED the old lady! She started coming at me and I started running but the old lady was too slow to walk. This time, running worked. But everyone was turning into the statue! It looked like the end, but Slender Man came and saved me. He was K.Oing everyone! Soon we were surrounded, but he just jumped out of the tall window. We have escaped from that hideous abomination that was the statue. Slender Man did a victory dance but soon stopped and wondered where I was. This is when I noticed that my Mario avatar changed into the statue. The screen turned to black with no fading. The man from the sale appeared. “You met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?” He said. It cut to a rather funny game over screen with the man dancing. I dropped the controller and ran to my computer in my room. I heard Mario behind me saying “It’s not over…” I looked behind me and I gasped. There was a plushie on my bed of the statue. After that I ignored it. I then started writing what you are now reading. If you see a cartridge that says Spaghetti in black Sharpie, don’t play it.

SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI

SM64 Halloween 2016 - SPAGHETTI.EXE