Here’s my creappy pasta, but I guess I’m not supposed to say that, hahahaha lol lol. I’m sorry but I have short term memory loss and My mom made pasta so I have to go see u later love u pick up tofu at the store, and Joe said to tell you to stop calling him fat or else he’ll never see Choco again.

Jean Was super-scared because her Cat pineabble.

My computer froze as a menacing variety of static cow screens overtook it. Jean was uncovered by archaeologists a thousand years later. Her body had drifted to the South Pole under a variety of tacos. Cause of death: garbage pail kids.

Note: Remember to add super Mario villain here.

          I was ready to play a fun game but I was worrid about the creeepy salesman yardseele I found the game in for free.20 cents. 5 dollars.

       Once it started up I jumped in expectation of nostalgisa. The card games were fun but the one card with the demonic backwards writing still scared me like the crazy printer ran out of paper and I ran out to get more. It is table time!

No Jean, you are the pineabbles.

Then I was a zombie cat.

       It was jammed in the photo frame for 2 hours before I finally pried it out. The mutant squirrel crime ring hit the deadspace man in the head with the crunches of a thousand limes chanting in unison, “Yet you walk all over me! And I stopped to thin ka bout the tims were they tried to die me, and I was hurted. I trid closing the door fast enough but it wasn’t fast enugh because Chicken the Chica pulled out genericLPPlayer1 and began screaming, “Notice me!!” I had no chioce but to quit my job. They told me I was stinky. I cried and moved to the sewers.

Then a toilet hand pooped out.


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