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Troy lay on the ground with his mangled face walking around as the police came to see what the commotion was all about. Troy killed the police with a magic knife he got out of no where. Troy looked at the onion cum trail and followed it to try and find Shrek. after days of following the cum from country to country moon to pie Troy finally found the swamp. Shrek was sitting on a chair with Fiona wrapped around his 15ft cock. Troy surprised shrek by yelling at him and Shrek accidentally killed Fiona.

Shrek was angry and stood up with the intention to rape or kill. He didn't recognise troy since he burnt up his face. Troy said "Hello Shrek, You may remember me from our Battle". "I have come back to claim Randy since you stole him away from me".

"where you gay for him laddie?" said shrek as Fiona's blood was sprayed all over shreks cock.

"I was gay for him Shrek... Who wouldn't be... He can skate on a board with 3 people on it you know". Shrek stood their in silence and shrek threw an onion grenade at Troy but Troy whipped out his skateboard and batted the Grenade towards Shrek. Shrek layed their on the ground in agony since he wasn't used to the effects of his own grenade.

Troy walked towards shrek but Troy slipped on Shreks cum and Shrek was able to recover. When they both got up Shrek hit Troy in the face with his 15ft cock. Troy was down but he threw his magic knife at shrek and it cut off 10ft of shreks cock. Shrek was in agony as Troy picked up the falled off cock and started batting shrek in the face with his cock.

Shrek threw swamp water into Troys eyes and Troy was blinded temporarily and Shrek threw an onion grenade at Troy and Troy was injured. they started brawling with fistycuffs and all the dialogue was had. Shrek hit Troy and Shrek remembered his number one weapon in which he hadn't used yet. Shrek used his humanising potion to become a human and shrek was able to stick his smaller finger up Troy's ass so hard that his finger hit his eye. He waited until the potion wore off and Troys Face exploded with shreks massive hand.

No one beats shrek... Shrek is love, Shrek is life...

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