Scribblenauts 666

Maxwell attacks!

Scribblenauts Theme01:40

Scribblenauts Theme

That song.

One day I played Scribblenauts on the Xbox 9000. But then I saw a new place, Hell. When I went there Maxwell had a mad face, glowing red eyes and he killed Mario. The numbers 666 was there. Then Maxwell said to me that you will die. I could not turn it off. Then it became loud. Then mindless killing happened! Then Maxwell killed every cat and kitten in the world. Then Maxwell killed Herobrine. then Maxwell killed Pokemon. Then Maxwell killed Kirby. Then he killed Rambo. Then he killed Jeff the killer. Then he killed slender man. Then he slaughtered the rake. then he blew up the internet.. Then Maxwell jumped out of the screen and killed me! Then he killed everyone when rocks fell and blew up the the world!  Then I found out there was no game in there so I yelled WHO WAS PHONE. Then a skeleton popped out of my Xbox and I end up beating the skeleton until it blew up. SuperTroll666 (talk) 00:54, May 3, 2013 (UTC)

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