One day I was an intern at Super Scary Evil Game Studios and we were thinking of a game to make and then all of a sudden my computer turned on by itself and downloaded some random image and the image was of a Super spooky house and then all of a sudden one of the intern's shot himself with a random gun out of nowhere and then all of a sudden EVIL PATRIXXX said 'Welcome to hell everyone' and then I shot EVIL PATRIXXX but then he killed everyone else but took me to purgatory and said 'u fuk wid me i fuk wid u' and then he said if i donut send this to 80000000000000000000000000000000 more people he will kill me but I didn't listen and im still alive and i'm go;io3rrwewrbjbir4htuytgrgrerihrkfrqeuitui4uti4uitugrfiuerbgiuti4tgiwergbreilgertgo4tuerigwriwergreigergiwergrj

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