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One day I was going through eBay for Mario bros super show DVDs because I was so bored and just got fired from my job as a burger maker. I figured I need as many DVDs as I could because I was planning to watch tv forever until I died. I looked everywhere for a video that was less than 1 million dollars but there was none. I kept continuing to scroll down I had nothing else to do so I kept scrolling for 666 hours. I finally found a video at the price of $0.00. It was titled Mario super secret scary episode. DO NOT BUY. I immediately began bidding and another bidder named xXilovemariosfacexX sent me an email saying don't buy it I warn you it's scary so I asked why he was bidding for it and he said leave freak with a picture of Mario with hyper realistic eyes! I screamed so loud my neighbors called 911 but I made a deal with the cops if they didn't investigate this I would offer them icecream so they decided not to and I gave them the gross organic onion lettuce carrot delight delectable icecream my vegan uncle gave me and they left. When I got back to my computer and sat my hard aching butt cheeks back to the same seat I had been sitting on for over one million hours once again my eyes hit the most beautiful romantic scene email. I quietly unrevealed the exotic and feeling inducing email by dragging my cursor on it slowly and holding it down careful not to click it to fast and ruin the feelings. I had to sneeze as well so I held it in as I kept my cursor on the email for extra affect. I kept my cursor on it for 2 says then finally released it unleashing radiant feelings upon the computer...the white,sticky,gooey...snot. I looked up at the screen shocked for as I carefully wiped away my glorious snot from the computer screen it was revealed I had won the bid for the Mario top secret super scary DVD. I was so happy I gently caressed the computer screen and realized that the DVD would come in only 666 days. "Wow what fast shipping" I said to myself. "I'm glad I payed extra for fast shipping" then I fell asleep atop of the computer breaking it with my gigantic stomach. 666 days later I heard a knock on the door. It was a man dressed as Waluigi. I let him in immediately. He said quietly "wah" then ran away faster than anything I had ever seen in my history of living. A ginormous chill went through my body. What could it mean!? The words haunted me every night...wah. I heard it everywhere I went. I heard it so much I forgot I owned the top secret super scary Mario DVD then 666 more days later I remembered. I was going to the bathroom and looked down to see the DVD in the toilet. As soon as I saw it the words ringed through my mind...wah. I grabbed the DVD and ran away from the toilet still naked. The neighbors near by asked if I was having a party and if they could join. I threw my toilet plunger outside and they ran out into the sunset yelling the haunting words wah. Now I was really scared. I decided some good old fashioned Mario show would calm my nerves so I put in. It started with the regular Mario intro but instead of everyone looking normal they had Waluigis face! The song was also different it was like this...wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah!! I cringed at the haunting words and began to fiddle with my adult diaper to calm me down. All of a sudden the show started and it zoomed in on toad but toad was different...he had a hyper realistic Waluigi face and he was flipping off. I almost had a heart attack at that bone numbing moment. It then zoomed in on toads lips and they turned into hyper realistic blood shot lips and he said...wah. I peed my adult diaper and grabbed the remote to turn it off but the power button was gone! Images of the man at my door dressed as Waluigi flashed through my mind then it showed luigi...his eyes were real I ran over to touch his glorious irises but then luigi shouted LOTSA SPAGHETTI!!! and his face turned into Waluigi but hyper realistic! It then showed the entire gang with faces like Waluigi dancing like rappers with eminem in the background but all the lyrics to slim shady was replaced with wah! I cringed at the horrible terror. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I tried to escape my house but the doors and windows were gone so I tried to escape through the toilet and it worked! I went down into the sewers and as I went down I wondered who's pee it was since i never peed in the toilet just in my diaper. I finally landed in the sewer I was relieved I opened my eyes and looked around but to my shock and horror I was in...Waluigi world. Waluigis dancing to slim shady and flipping me off were everywhere. I grabbed my pee soaked and diaper and hoped that it was just a dream but it wasn't. I pinched myself to make sure and I accidentally pinched my nose off and then my nose turned into Waluigis nose!! ...666 years later...I am now a worker at Waluigis donuts in the sewer. I work day and night everyday!! I regret the day I ever bought the DVD. I warn you...yes YOU viewer...never EVER buy a Mario DVD called super secret scary episode EVER or you will have to live this nightmare like me...oh no master Waluigi is calling...I must return to his duty and create more dvds....FIN.

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