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Item #: SCP-2721

Object Class: Keter-provisi Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-2721's anomalous properties, little effort is necessary to ensure it will remain undetected by the public. SCP-2721's interference with the servers of Tumblr, Inc. is minimal and is currently being masked through usual protocols.

Any attempt to change the focus or amount of SCP-2721-LYRE's blog posts is to be treated as a containment breach. Any attempts at tracking down the true identity of SCP-2721-LYRE or SCP-2721-LORD are to be halted by any means necessary. 12 researchers are to maintain blogs on Tumblr in attempts to befriend and further contain SCP-2721-LYRE.

Suppression of SCP-2721 is to be maintained through Procedure 413-Diamond. As of ██/██/20██, Procedure 413-Diamond has been discontinued as a change in conditions failed to result in EB-class ontological breakdown. If SCP-2721 begins to enact its directives, Protocol 1111-Scratch is to be executed (see Document A).

The contents of SCP-2721-LYRE's blog and SCP-2721-LORD's private blog are to be cataloged in the databases of Site-73. If SCP-2721-LORD mentions any attempt to repair SCP-2721-LYRE, Protocol 1111-Scratch is to be executed.

Research is currently underway to find if SCP-2721 possesses further antimemetic properties than those known. As such, a provisional designation of Keter has been given until the extent of such properties are fully understood.

As of ██/██/20██, no further antimemetic properties have been detected, and containment has stabilized. Reclassification to Euclid approved.

Description: SCP-2721 is a satellite of indeterminate origin, currently in a selenosynchronous orbit on Luna's far side. It consists of two entities, designated SCP-2721-LYRE and SCP-2721-LORD, connected by an umbilical cord-like object which consists of both electrical and biological components. SCP-2721 is able to hide itself both by passively affecting electronics and generating a weak antimemetic SEP field; research is currently ongoing to see if SCP-2721 possesses further antimemetic properties. Due to this fact, SCP-2721's physical form is indiscernible to untrained individuals.

Alteration of Luna's surface gravity corresponding to SCP-2721. Near side on the left, far side on the right. Map from Lunar Gravity Model 2011.

SCP-2721-LYRE consists of a fluxing flesh-like substance which is covered in what appear to be ocular protrusions. While constantly fluxing, a few characteristics can be determined through its affectation of Luna's gravitational field, including mass and [REDACTED]. SCP-2721-LORD is a wedge-shaped entity with cilia-like objects containing [REDACTED]. Due to posts made on both SCP-2721-LYRE and SCP-2721-LORD's blogs, coupled with analysis of the EB-class ontological breakdown scenarios, SCP-2721-LYRE is theorized to observe a given planet and generate SCP-2721's SEP field, while SCP-2721-LORD is thought to propel its cilia towards the planet during an EB-class ontological breakdown scenario.

It is unknown when SCP-2721 was created and how long it has been in orbit; though undetectable under normal circumstances, possible depictions of SCP-2721 are present in ancient Greek, Christian, and ████████ mythologies. While the physical make-up of SCP-2721 is unknown, it is theorized to be a technobiological weapon - SCP-2721 or entities of similar purpose have been confirmed to be the cause of the EB-class ontological breakdown scenarios on planets CGTG-612, TTGA-9A4, and TTGT-78C.

On 10/25/2011, routine Foundation scans detected electromagnetic broadcasts being transmitted from an otherwise empty section of space to the headquarters of social media company Tumblr, Inc.. These waves resulted in minor server disturbances, which removed the daily post limit on SCP-2721-LYRE's blog; further investigation led to discovery of SCP-2721. Afterwards, several other anomalies were discovered to result from its presence, such as one of Luna's gravitational field anomalies and [REDACTED].

SCP-2721-LYRE presents itself on its blog as a trans woman artist and blogs exclusively about social justice issues, its content, and the webcomic Homestuck. It has maintained a large group of acquaintances on the website and is well known for its Homestuck theories, drawings, and discussions.

SCP-2721-LORD maintains both a primary "aesthetic" blog and a secondary blog in which it talks about its feelings regarding SCP-2721-LYRE.

Given SCP-2721-LORD's blog posts, it is theorized that a malfunction in SCP-2721-LYRE's programming caused it to become fixated on the webcomic Homestuck instead of its original directives. Due to this interest, SCP-2721-LYRE has expressed a desire to stay near Earth and not enact its directives.
Selections from SCP-2721-LYRE's blog
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Selections from SCP-2721-LORD's private blog
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