So this is a story about Gotye getting over a break up but he relives memories of getting blow jobs from his girlfriend. He tells himself that she was nothing, and that she had died. He then tries living on his own by convincing himself he is the only person that is capable of loving himself. He then relives why they broke up. What had happened is he went to get a circumcision but his doctor ended up being his girlfriend. She "accidentally" cut off his whole penis. His memories cause him to realize he can make this really weird thing with his mouth where he says m with his mouth but it comes out as n. He tries to then make himself happier with puns about his knee. None of this is working so he goes on a soul search and discovers his spirit animal is in fact a dog. He then finds out women poop. So that upsets him even more. He develops a stutter. Every time he stutters he gets frustrated and shouts. He begins reliving the memories again, his girlfriend had told him that even though they couldn't have sex, they could still do some of Gotye's favorite activities like baking pie. He snaps out of it. And he's finally happy. He finally gets over the break up. But just then his girlfriend Kimbra calls him. His recent enjoyment of rage comics makes him yell "Fuuuu" like the rage face. He then picks up his phone. While Kimbra is talking to Gotye all he could remember the sex. This annoys him. He shouts fuck off then says he needs to change his number. Just then Kimbra comes in and yells at Gotye. Gotye doesn't pay attention to her so it seems like she's speaking really quickly. He entertains himself by saying "no" over and over in his mind. Kimbra now realizing that Gotye wants nothing to do with her, she tries to convince him to kill himself. But since this doesn't work she invites him to McDonalds where she had poisoned his food. But Gotye is naive and angry at her so he says he doesn't went it. In rebelliousness he eats a whole pizza, a shoe, and eventually the world. He then wakes up from his dream. Only to realize... nothing had been real.

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