This is not my story. I'm glad it isn't. - Demontar

Hello. My name is John Gremm and i have to tell you a story about my horrible experience with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. So it all started when I realised the remake of my favourite game, Pokemon Sapphire, had come out. I had seen it in a garage sale when me and my Mother were driving home from school. "Mum! I want that game!" I said to my Mother. She looked at the garage sale and said. "It's cheap, so come on." I was immediately excited. I am so obsessed with Pokemon, I just had to get this game. When we walked in the garage, it said "Pokemon Deathire" I was way too confused and in a loss for words. My Mum bought the game without me saying anything and we left.

When we got home, I inserted the game card into my 3DS and saw that it was just Alpha Sapphire, as it shows some 3D art before you open the game. So i played it, and was greeted by Professor Birch. "Hello, Subject #007! Welcome to the real world!" Professor Birch said. "It is nice out here to finally breath air, huh?" What the hell? Test Subjects? I was starting to think this was different. It did not say this in the original. It showed the main character in his house, fixing his clock, and then was asked to go to Professor Birch's house to meet his family. So I (The main Character) walked into the house. It was the same, until the mother greeted me and said something really weird. "My Husband is out studying Pokemon. Why don't you go out and greet him?" She said. Now i was confused, didn't the Professor have his child May? Anyways i just progressed into route 101.

Professor Birch was getting chased by a Pokemon, so i had to pick a starter to defeat the Pokemon. But it wouldn't let me click/open the bag, even when i closed the game a few times. When i was trying to figure out how to open the bag, I heard a scream. "AAHHHHHH!" My character turned to Professor Birch and saw that he was getting mauled by the Pokemon. my game then ejected itself. Then, at nighttime, i heard a voice. "Hello, Test Subject #008."