Pokémon Chaos Black

One day I was on the Ebayz and I found a Pokémon cartridge listed as " Pokémon Chaos Black " I checked what the price was and it was £0.00 I was shocked! I had never even heard of this cartridge so I bought it instantly from the user 35BastardLOL4. I waited 5 years and then when I woke up and checked the mailbox there it was, the new  Pokémon game! I was so excited I sprinted up to my bedroom and grabbed my Gameboy Advance.


Tha Box

I was about to shred the box up but I noticed the weird, evil looking  Pokémon on the front, it looked like some sort of deformed alien covered in tar, it had red eyes and an angry face. But did I give a fuck? No! So I ripped the box in half and rammed the game in my Gameboy with such force that the Gameboy exploded in my face. Shit, I thought to myself. Now I'll never get to play the game :(


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