I was at goodwill today and found a copy of Pac-Man Championship Edition. I buyed it and took it home. I started the game on my Xbox 360. I started the game but when pac-man eated the dot, he choked for a good 20 seconds. Then he died. Then it cut to a hyper-real picture of Pac-Man looking worried for 1 minute. Then a demonic voice said, "Why did you try to choke me? Thanks to you, I am dead. Now take a look at this.". It cut to pac-man with red eyes and black pupils and the picture stayed on for 2 minutes. Until I was at a level. A text came up and said "Championship Edition 666". I was scared so I started the level. The ghosts are walking looking very sad. After I ate the power-dot, the ghosts now blue stopped walking. When Pac-man ated the blue ghost, blood splattered on the maze and pac-man started to cry. This went on for 5 seconds. Then it cut to black and the Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures music played in g-major, distorted, and backwards. After the song ended, it cut to a hyper-real picture of Pac-Man wth red eyes and black pupils. It went on for a minute until I could hear screaming sounds from Squidward's Suicide, suicidemouse.avi, Red Mist, Fudd.wmv, Angry Birds Cursed Edition, and Bad Apple's crying from BADAPPLESUICIDE.wmv. After that, it showed a picture of ms. pac-man and baby pac-man dead for a minute. Then cut to black again for 30 seconds. Until little guy's head came out with a creepy smile. Then said "Let it there be light no more!". Then cut to a bloody red text said, "You have killed Pac-Man. Even Pac-Man's family. And the ghosts will be lost forever. Well, let me say this, you're next.". After 10 seconds, my Xbox 360 turned itself off. If you see a copy of Pac-Man Championship Edition with Pac-Man choking surprise, don't buy and play it. Also, my whole world life turned black now and.......


(original source)

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