see I told you guize

Secret messagezzzzzzzzzzomg

Once you read this you will believe in God and Satan as a team controlling the universe One day I was watching Youtube for saxy pr0nz when I saw this video called Obama is dead so I watched it and the guy showed a plain Pepsi can and I thought it waznt anythin worth shitting over but then the guy turned the can upside down so that it looked like a big O and now Pepsi said Isded so now it looked like Obama Isded and then i realised dat Pepsi backwards is Isded and there were flag like colors in the O symbol so that means that God and Satan must have made Obama win the election over McCain because everyone hated Obama and noone voted for him because he was black to create the satanic message So now u kno the Satanic Message In Pepsi Obama Isded

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