Noseybonk, the freaky baby man

Noseybonk, the freaky baby man



I always remember the day when I was spying on Noseybonk, I knew he was a trolling rapist. I spyed on him all day, even when he took a crap and even when he went in the bath. I watched him until, he went into his factory.

The babies! OVO

I silently followed him to where he was standing in a green house, he opened a pack of "Nosegays" seeds and planted them. About 5 seconds later they grew into giant dick plants and Noseybonk pulled them out of the dirt. They were wobbling and shooting acid piss out of them, but Noseybonk climbed up to the roof of the green house and threw them onto the floor. Then when Noseybonk was walking back he noticed me. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved me into a room with teenagers, about 16-18 my age. But then Noseybonk came in half an hour later and by then I had already made some new friends.Noseybonk put his nose on a 17 year old girls ****** and blew deeply. A giant white thing streched from her ****** and then some nostrils came out, a Noseybonk nose grew on her ******. Eventually he put noses on all of us, even me. And kept us in that room until we died.