(Warning: Shit stupid content ahead)

I went to my Sega Genesis to play fuckin' Sonic cause its my favorite game n shit. I popped in the cartridge and the loading screen was fucked up I was like "OH SHIT MY CARTRIDGE MUST BEEE BUSTEDD DAWGGG!!!" I went to the big ass flea market and bought a new cartridge

It had fuckin tape on it and there were words written with a sharpie which is fucking stupid


I was laughing my ass off and the guy gave the cartridge to me for free, which is fucking epic

I went home to pop in the fuckin cartridge and then the start up screen said FUCK YOU FOR PLAYING THIS

I supposed the guy was a stupid ass rom hacker that gave people free shit to scare the fuck outta people I continued on with the game. I passed the 5th palm tree in Green Hill Zone act 1 and then crazy shit started happening. I was like "HOH SHIET DAWG I GOTTA CAWW MAH HOMEEE!!!" I dialed my friends number and he came over I was like "DAMMM DOG I FUCKIN POPPED DAT FOOL IN AND DAT CRAZY SHET HAPPENIN" We continued on the game and then the fuckin Genesis broke down. I went to go make some noodles. I checked on my friend, and guess what. HE WAS FUCKIN DEAD!!! I was like "Okay you want chicken noodle soup?" I went to go finish on the noodles and then one fuckin noodle went straight into my eye and it fuckin hurt I went to the hospital and the story was on the news But sonic fuckin hacked the systems and its not around the internet anymore


Created by Pngggg

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