one day a girl named january walked into a bar and she began to drink. the drink was good. "i like the drrinking can i please have more drink" so she then drink more. so then she go home and go to sleep. she then woke up and said "good morning" to her husband greg and walked downstairs to have dinner (AUTHOR'S NOTE: OKAY I KNOW IN T MORNIANG YOU DONT USUALLY HAVE DINNER BUT IT IN JAPAN AND IF YOU DONT LIKE DONT READ!!!!! NO NEGATIVE COMMENT!!!) so she cook delicious meal for her and kids. they begin to eat.

"how was day hunhun" she ask

"good" male child relied

jan then put fork into steak and then flood come and destroy all her house.

"oh no" jan said, tears rolling down her check

she run over to see dead her kids and died her husband. she cried so hard, that blood came out. suddenly before she knew it, a tub of bleach came out of nowhere from the wreckage of her house and cover her in beach.

she wake in hospital "where am i " she say "in hospital we fixed you cory you look weird here look in the mirror" nurse say

she cried some more and out of rage killed the nurse. "I'm so sorry " she say. I'm monster she think. she run away crying but then bump into jeff they make out and he her new husband and her new name is neko desu kawaii now

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