I was searching for some Youtube Poops on Youtube one day and i found one video named My First YouTube Poop Watch if you dare.

But nothing appeared just a black screen that sayed click the link below to download it i downloaded it from a strange website that haved photos of dead people but i still downloaded it i was to curious to ignore it then the download finished the file opened itself it started with the same classic YTP intro then begins with the king staring at the screen from one minute then appears the classic quote gee it sure is boring around here but link was not saying it the one that was saying it was Ben from the Majora game¡

Then he said you shoulnd,t have done that the screen turns black for 5 seconds and appears a picture of a woman dead with her sons in a room for 2 minutes i dint want to see the video anymore but i coulnt exit it i and could not even shut down my computer i heared strange noises while the image was there when the image ended appears a video of a guy making a YTP then when he finished he killed her mom and his to brothers and then heb injected heroin to himself he was saying i need more drugs without drugs i cant live and dies instantly because alot of drug he consumed then the video ends with a black screen with the words. This video was created by a guy who was trying to show us what drugs can make us by a YTP Creepypasta my computer shut down itself and the video wasnt there anymore just computer message that was written with blood that says the video My First Youtube Poop.avi was succesfully deleted from your computer and exit itself i tried to search the video again but nothing appeared i dont even remember the name of the YouTube user or the website where i downloaded it like nothing happened...

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