I’m a Notepad fan like everyone else. I’ve collected every Notepad program in existence, and even have my own real life Notepad. It has the same shade of blue that a normal Notepad program would have upon install, and it even came with a real life version of the File program. My life is good.

But there’s this one thing that happened a few years ago. My mom started going on my computer when I was 12. She was the reason I had to keep my porn hidden in the trash bin. One day, she kept leaving .txt files all over my screen. One day, she just titled one ‘mom’ and left it at that. It was blank.

Eventually she started writing in it, talking about how Dad domestically abused her and how she needs mental help as well as a therapist. I called the police about it, and Dad got pissed at me. He hit me hard in the face and prepared the belt. I winced as he whipped me with it. A few hours later, he had finished whipping me. He said “I hope you understand what consequences you will get for reporting me, you little shit. You should never have been born,” and left us. He was on the run since.

My mother has as of late tried overdosing on depression pills. It turns out she succeeded and is laying dead on the floor. I opened Mom.txt one last time, and it read..

You’re next.

I panicked and closed the document. Had anyone else received this message after their mother started writing about domestic abuse on a .txt file, their husband eventually leaving after they beat their kid, and killed themselves by overdosing on depression pills? I hope not. I hope I’m the only one to witness such a travesty.

After that horrible event, I went out to get groceries. Our car pulled over, and the window rolled down. It was Dad. He told me “Get in. I know what you’re experiencing.” I got into the car and he apologized for basically bringing me to the brink of death when I was young. “I’m sorry, Jamal, it’s just that I was going insane. Your mother was insulting me with horrible words, like ‘You aren’t going to make it out alive,’ and ‘Get out of my room, I’m playing Minecraft.’ It’s unfortunate that you had to deal with me when I was like that. Do you forgive me?”

I forgave him, and asked him this: “What did Mom say to you when you left?” He responded with something that made me feel very horrible that this would eventually make me go out to kill myself as well. “She.. she said she was a furry.. I’m sorry, son.” As of today, I’ve set up the noose. These are my final wishes to you guys. Don’t install Notepad programs, or have mothers ever again. Goodbye.