(Note: This is a true story, I never thought they where going to be something like this, but it is. You got to belive me!)

This is isn't a game that isn't poopy or something that is really really crappy.

This isn't a isn't about a demon or a demon farting on me, and for no time have I phoned Mutahar only to have my questions answered with farts.

This story is about a fart, that I think nobody has ever released.

That's it.

You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded. Go to bed now!

You see it happened on the nights on 5 nights. I was on IRC on channel 666. Out of boredom I decided to go on the Super Mutahar World Central (SMWC for short, irony), to play some of the hacks. Some of the hacks where really bad, with some hyper-realistic screenshots to boob up.

We where kefka laughing. Then we saw a hack called "Mutahar". That's it, no toast. No! It's just a conspiracy man! Something that changes an entire world's childhood of a billon dollar franchise.

The description was poorly done like someone dumb person tried to translate the plot of Super Mutahar World in Yandex. This was the description:

Save to the bathroom, and the United Kingdom Boyser other songs 666 excellent disinfectant, antimicrobial and Felipe to please their adventures. Together, they agree that this is a good place to stay, wonderful place to urinate in the country. But, at the same time, as a tool in the fight against infections and Luigi go to the cemetery the day of the party,the Princess smile is not enough, may be occupied by the forces of evil. After searching for hours, missing persons, friends, antiseptic, and Philip, in a massive BUTT in the woods. Then someone from behind, and at the dawn of time, young rabbit, lethal weapon, he began to speak, antiseptic, and Philip is a sad story that contact access allows a group of terrorists turtle. Turtles! He said that Felipe Boyser and your group again! Antiseptic, slowly shook his head, Felipe, and Jimmy, who went to dinosaur land, in order to find freedom Yoshi laughter of friends. Is evil and the work (and through the nose), and give a team can win seven world Boywor dirty cattle waste.

I thought it was a glitch and someone tried to make a crappy hack with some minor edits. Or I thought it was.

Curious I downloaded the hack. The screenshot just showed the words "MUTAHAR" in Comic Sans Font.

Mutahar 1

Title Screen

When I extracted the dip, I was greeted with 666 files. One was a file called "Mutahar (666).smc" and the other was "Readme.exe". I clicked on the .exe file and was greeted with some random font. One of the font said this:

  • "ÿØÿà �JFIF ��� ` ` ÿá fExif MM � ��� � � >�� � � F�( � � � �1 � � N ` � ` �* 4.0.5 ÿÛ C ����������������������������������".

Again I thought this was a glitch and opened the .smc file weth mah emulator. �� I opened da rom and realized that the author had changed the header of the hack. Instead of the normal "supermutahar world" it this time said "Mutahar". Once again. I knew that this isn't any other bad hack. So I was really excited. Before I move on, did you know that 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets every year?

Mutahar 00001

The Guy

Anyway the title screen loaded, just like the actual game did. Then I realized something. Mutahar was much more dull. His hat was much darker, and he had red shirt with a blood stain on it.

Mutahar looked at me and said "Hey! PLAY THE GAME! So I played the game. The intro message was the same but only this time the villan of this story wasn't Sonic.exe and instead was Mutahar?

This is what the message said:

Mutahar 2
Mutahar 00002
After that, it took me to Earth. Same old design, same old music, same old paths. Butt the level titles where different. For example "Cage's House" was just now called "Cage's". I began to lose hope for this hack, mainly because the first toilet ever seen on TV in the USA was on Leave it To Beaver! I entered Cage's House. The house was empty with no dead birds, no lightsabers, no memes, no toilets, no no, NO!
Hotel Mario- No!

When I Hit the message box all it said was "01000110011011110110111101110100011100000110000101100100". When translated it actually says "Footpad". So is Nicolas Cages getting his feet clean?

I told everybody on IRC, and they banned me! I went to the first level "Cage's Island 1". Instead it said "pls kill you self". At first I thought it ment to be a kazoio hack. It is! It took me to a level. The sound was an awful kefka laugh that sounded so loud that it made me crap myself and I still have not cleaned my pants. I got so lazy with the screenshots so I'm not going to show you them that much. Other than the music not much has been changed except for the fact that the little hot dog wasn't rolling down the hills, and the butt coins where not collectable. I couldn't also enter the buttholes. What kind of crap am I playing!

Mutahar: It's a hack! Shut up!

I stayed quiet after thet. I thought that Mutahar did something to Toilet Land. Or that it is Sonic.exe's point of view. I picked the ladder, because it made sense. Evunatly I found a message box. The idiot I was I hit it and it said this:

Point of Advice: I slightly dislike you

I first I thought the author was just a guy that wanted to be my boyfriend, or that Mutahar really did something to Toilet Land. I saw another message and it said:

Point of Advice: Absolutely adorable!!!


A SCARY PICTURE POPPED OUT AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT! For some reason the computer took a screenshot itself.

Mutahar 666 15

And then scary picture put on another hat and cane, oh wait wrong document! I was then taken to a room with boiling blood or has it been lava all along?

Keep looking until you see it. Well don't because this makes no sense!

Then a familiar face walked in from the right.

Dressed in green, tall, and angry

It was Flippy!

Mutahar went back in horror. Witch maeks sense because Flippy killed most characters in the Happy Tree Friends universe.

Then Flippy Spook:

Mutahar 666 16

Well No. He has Sally.EXE!

It was all connecting, now. The messages "I SIGHTLY DISLIKE" and "ABOSULTY ADORABLE"


He's always been Mutahar's second banana, the "Player 666", the one who doesn't get the Leonardo DiCaprio in these early games. No matter how identical he is to Mutahar in skillset and ability and poopy and farty and and and, at the end of the day the game is "Happy Mutahar Friends", and he's just "the Friend". (Duh)

How he must've hated Mutahar... Who among us wouldn't? Think about it. No matter what happens, Mutahar always comes back. No matter how many corpses he leaves littering Donut Plains, he's always there once more to leap and cheer and get all the adorableness.

And Sonic.exe hasn't worked alone? I didn't know what that meant at first. How is Sonic.exe going to kidnap DiCaprio with Flippy?

Blah blah blah, Flippy killed Mutahar. I was scared and saw a Flippy with real BLOOD AND KILLED ME!

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