24 September 2012

Hi! I was watching videos on the internet. And, like almost always, there was a ad before the video. And, the ad was about some resturant called Mc Dolan's. I'm going to go there tomorrow!

25 September 2012

Erm! I bought a burger at Mc Dolan's. It was very tasty. Yum. Then I feeled tired and went home. I had a strange dream that I was chased by some... Thing.

3 October 2012

Lalala! Went to Mc Dolan's again.

6 December 2012

Phew! Dreamed that annoying dream again. I was hungry so I went to Mc Dolan's.

7 December 2012

Meh! Scary day today! A living burger was knocking on my door!


Eeh! More angry burgers! I'm chased by them! They are getting close OH NPOONONOONONOOO349231+402jkflgjdhjflhiimkm4344deaddadbetterrsaffsdf%¤#&%&#23publasooii53642456shmanytrty.tdytry.,yutyutiuy

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