In my neighborhood, we had a local hockey team known as the bombers. The team frequently won some games, but their not so perfect as you would think. I used to go to my local ice rink with a group of friends to watch a couple of games, but we didn't care much since we were all, talking and filling ourselves up with pop and candy. However a couple weeks ago, there was one game that I'll never forget.

My friends and I were entering the ice rink. It was 7:30 so the game was about to start. we went to go get our snacks at the snack bar. After that I filled myself with ketchup chips and root beer. Throughout the game, nothing to special happened so my friends and I just had random conversations. we're typical boys in high school so we talked about hot chicks at school, jumps we hit with our snowmobiles, occasionally joking with each other. It wasn't until the third period that things got unusual.

During the last minute of the game everybody got more wild than usual. My friends told me that they were behind a couple of points and needed to catch up. I also noticed there was some players missing from the benches as I watched the intense game. The crowd got louder and louder until it echoed throughout the building. The last point was scored on the bombers net. Just after that the power went out and everyone gasped in shock. It was silent for a few minutes, but then we heard a riot going on inside the rink.

There were the sound of grunting, shouting, and by what i could hear was the sound of an object hitting something. Everybody except my friends and I left the building in horror. We then heard a man that sounded like he was choking. eventually the riot faded and some of the lights came back on. What we saw made our jaws drop like rocks. The opponent teams players were laying all bruised on the ice. Their coach was also and the ice and his throat was slit presumably by a skate. What frightened me out of all of that was the bombers insane looks on their faces. It was like they had committed a crime and felt pleased about it.

My friend Josh ran out of the building and left me and my other friend Cole all alone. Cole and I sprinted to the exit, but were stopped by one of the bombers wielding a hockey stick. He swung it fiercely, nearly hitting my head as we turned back and ran the other way. We decided to split up and meet each other outside, so Cole went right and I went left. I sprinted for what seemed like a half hour until I found an exit.Reaching for the door, I was relieved but not for long. Out of nowhere a Bomber slashed my arm and leg with his skate. He stared down at me with the most crazed look on his face. Luckily the door was open so with all my energy I kicked him in between the legs and limped outside.

The door shut behind me as I collapsed on the cold snow. I tried crawling, but my body succumbed to the pain. Laying In the cold, I thought I was done for. Just then I heard sirens, It was the police. Cole found me and told the paramedics where I was. They put me on a stretcher and bandaged my arm and leg. I saw some police officers drag a few bombers into the cop cars. "Dude, are you alright?" Cole asked.

"Yeah," I replied. " wheres Josh?" Cole looked depressed. " Those bastards killed him," he said. I saw Josh's corpse laying on the ground a couple meters from us and his parents crying next to him. I was taken to the hospital for the rest of the night and Cole went home. I was picked up by my parents the next morning.

Today, the rink is closed for a few months and everyone I knew was talking about the incident. The police are still looking for the other players, but had no success whatsoever. I'm over the event now and am resuming my regular life. Only one fact stays with me now. If I hadn't been so lucky, I could have ended up like my friend Josh.

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