My name and identity are not important. What is important is what happened to me. I was a true Pokemaniac. I could name all 649 Pokemon by heart. I knew their types, abilties, and base stat totals. I had all the games with Blue being my first game, and Platinum being my last. It was a rainy day. My family and I had just moved into a new house. It was old and granted a little creepy at first. but we gradually warmed to it. I had, of course, brought all my Pokemon games with me, and was playing Blue when we walked in. I had just beaten the Elite Four a second time with my Charizard, and I decided to replay it again, after I had helped set up our house. Granted it took about a week or two since it was a pretty big house so you could imagine what it was like to go without seeing my Pokemon for that long.

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