180px-2 duplo lego bricks

Hello, my name is David Cardwarer. I am 37 years old. Anyways, back when i was a kid I loved legos. But not anymore.So, anyways, this is the story. I was playing with my power miners when something weird was going on with the rock monsters: they were moving. Without my control, and nothing was shaking. It was really weird. So, I went in the kitchen to get a glass of water when suddenly, I turned around. I saw one of my figures standing right there. I swear I didnt bring it with me. But it was scary. I picked it up, and I then saw blood squares. I was shocked. I ran into the room which had my legos in it, and was shocked, to find them all gone. Why were they gone? You tell me. I looked all around the house for them. For 5 hours I looked. Then I finally gave up. It was 7:28 in the afternoon, nearly my bedtime. So i went into bed and went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up, and saw my mother dead! I screamed as loud as I could, then she suddenly got up. In a demonic voice she said: WE ARE GONNA GET YOU, HAHAHAHA. I ran out of the house and lived with my grandmother. I never went home again. AND THEN A SKELETON POOPED OUT

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