Hello. I'm not going to bore you with my name or anything, however, you might want to read into what I'm about to inform you of. 

As a regular Tor user, I loved going on to the deep web and exploring the unknown. I felt almost like I was entering another realm entirely, and it felt very mysterious and Sherlock Holmes-esque. I'd visit the various bitcoin trading sites, screw around on 8Chan and other 'questionable' forums, and pretty much just skulk about, like any deep web explorer would. The deep web holds many daunting and disturbing sites as well, such as shock, gore, and abuse. I did my best to stay away from these kinds of sites - excessive gore makes me rather queasy.

You may remember a sudden buzz around mid 2015 about a mysterious game extracted directly from the deep web known as 'Sad Satan', with many famous YouTube gamers, such as PewDiePie, playing this game. Fortunately, the majority of these copies were just fakes created by little known developers and posted to various boards on Tor sites. However, if these copies were not legitimate, then why was this such a craze at the time?

The truth is rather unnerving, to say the least. Someone had most likely found the real game, played it, and decided to tell their friends online about it.

The game is actually very disturbing. I played it. It starts off with a giant, muscular black man with nothing but a thong on. His penis was hanging out, and his ballsack was tucked neatly behind his buttcheeks, with one testicle popped up his anus. The camera panned to another muscular man, this one white. At this point, it wasn't even a game. Your character couldn't even move.

The black man grabbed a chainsaw and began to mutilate the white man's genitals. He screamed in agony, as his massive penis was sawn off. His black friend then grabbed a hammer and nails, and began nailing his testicles into his buttcheeks. The white man screamed, as both testicles

A screencap of the Gorilla scene

were rendered useless.

The black man then pulled out a shop vaccum, and bent the mutilated white man over, sucking his rectum out of his anus. Blood was everywhere, and the man screamed in absolute pain and... pleasure?

Suddenly, a trio of FUCKING GORILLAS stormed into the room. They had massive, enlarged testicles and erect penises. The white man screamed, as the Gorillas charged at him, and began raping his external anus. I was sickened. A new man appeared on screen, this time wearing a brown police like outfit with a ranger hat. A gorilla charged at him, as he screamed. The gorilla tore his clothes off and began raping his peehole. 

The gorilla literally stretched out his peehole, and began raping him through the penis. It was the most sickening thing I had ever witnessed in my entire fucking life.

After the grisly scene, ISIS militiants came on screen, and promptly beheaded everyone, before killing themselves.

I have been heavily contemplating suicide ever since viewing this.