Hi, my name is Alan Smith, and I'm 20 years old. I am a huge fan of LazyTown, and has been ever since I was little. I collected all of its merchandise and DVDs so I could watch the show every day. But on TV after watching an episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure on Toonami, it was announced an anime series based on LazyTown will air on autumn, and I was excited.

As months have passed, the anime series finally aired its first episode on television. While I thought the anime was going to have the same light-hearted theme as the original LazyTown, I was obviously wrong. The opening looked awesome though, but the episode itself looked so dark.

The episode took place in a post-apocalyptic future in LazyTown, and all of the citizens were dead except for Sportacus. Sportacus himself was crying to see that his beloved friend Stephanie died, and he had flashbacks with him and Stephanie together from the original episodes of LT and what has never been seen on the anime series. He tried to give her CPR, but failed. His airship was destroyed and had a lot of black marks there, and the Mayor's house was burned down. Then, Robbie Rotten can be seen with his arms crossed and an evil grin staring at Sportacus. While the both were fighting, Robbie snapped his fingers, making his three clones from that "We Are Number One" song appear and try to attack Sportacus. Sportacus when tried to find some sports candy, but there was none since the anime took place many years in the future where everything is nothing but an Armageddon. There was then a remix of We Are Number One playing in the background, and the Rotten clones attacking Sportacus, brutally killing him. And then, the episode ended.

After I watched the episode, I noticed that the time was near 12 AM, so I quickly fell asleep. While sleeping, I heard someone cackling outside the window, and when I woke up to open the window to see what was going on out there, there was Robbie Rotten and his three clones from that episode, and they brutally murdered me so I died.

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